The Swiss and Bavarian Alps
Where Switzerland meets Austria, Germany, France and Italy!

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The very pretty Neuschwanstein Castle King Ludwig's Chimsee Palace near Salzburg Not listed on GPS but is sure worth a drive 3D map of the region. From 32,000 ft the view is splendid. Overlooking Austria The Tyrol hotel - complete with fresh snow, lots! Switzerland. An Audi man in the Alps The Matternhorn, by Zermatt - as on Toberone chocolates. The delightful Crans-Montanna resort. Luncheon - overlooking an more of Austria At the Gorge du Verdon near the Alps in the south of France The one and only Monte Carlo and Monaco.
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The delights of Switzerland, Austria and the Italian Alps, ohh, and Chamonix for the French Alps. This is a very beautiful region of Europe and long may it stay that way.

The 2nd photograph shows another of King Ludwig's castles, Chimsee. Poised on the lake of the same name is this stately looking castle.

Top left photograph is lovely Nueschwanstein Castle, home of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

As usual this view is not the most common one witnessed by thousands of mainstream tourists but is taken from a path and observation point at Marionbridge (or Mary Bridge).

The 3rd photograph shows the very windy roads with severe hairpin bends.

The 4th photograph is a 3D map of the Austrian castle region.

5th are the fluffy clouds and icing sugar appearance of snow on the mountain tops.

Below are some of the things you should do or see whilst touring this beautiful part of Europe.

One could easily spend 2 weeks exploring this region and the four countries.

The top ten things to do or not do include:

  1. Visit one of King Ludwig's castles - for their sheer splendour
  2. Drive up a mountain road - twisting sharply to the right and left
  3. Check for closed roads in winter - because many of the mountain passes will be shut
  4. Stay in a traditional Alpine hotel - smelling the wood and fresh air outside
  5. Drive to Livigno - and take your pick what border crossing to take into Switzerland
  6. Sit in a plane window seat - and see the Alps below you like icing on a cake
  7. Bring lots of money or credit cards - to take the cable car ride up Mont Blanc
  8. Let the satellite navigation take you along small roads - and find somewhere nice to take luncheon
  9. Don't rely on time too much - as mountain roads may look the shortest route but could easily be twice as long as they appear and take 3 times longer.
  10. When travelling to Neuschwanstein dont look for that name - the German's confuse you with signs just saying Schloss

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Page being written October 2006