New York
The Big Apple and the Upper West Side

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Caroline in Central Park by the Dacotta Building The Flatiron Building, one of Manhattan's first 'skyscrapers' North of 116th Street is Harlem, take it away Fuzzy Bear The views from the sky deck on the Empire State building are fantastic. The views looking north, towards Central park, from the top of the tower Don't get your car towed Click for the New York forecast

A short clip to see what the views are like from on top of the Empire State Building A longer version of a Skyride tour over NY - hold onto your seats...! Who's da boss as we leave the NJ Turnpike heading to the Lincoln Tunnel..... CJ happy shopping like she's Charolette in Sex In The City..... I recommend this deli, we went back quite a few times
Click on each of the photos to enlarge it. Or click the movie file to play a small clip from this city.

The first photograph shows Caroline enjoying a sun filled Central Park early one March morning. Wrap up warm 'cause the temperatures in the big apple can go down to 10 or less in Winter. I don't mean 10C but 10F. New Yorkers talk about the temperature every half hour in the same way that we Brits talk about the rain or that it is too hot! Look at the box on the top right for the current temperature in Central Park.

The second is the much loved Flatiron building. It reminds me of a piece of cake rather than an iron, but there again some would say I don't know what an iron is. How unfair is that?

This building was NY's first skyscraper when built but nowadays is dwarfed by its neighbours. You can see this at the bottom of the fourth photo along with lower Manhattan high risers.

Do you recognise Harlem in the third photo, up near 110th Street. This was one of the more luxurious buildings which recently received a facelift and a coat of paint. As you can see on the roller shutters the painters have missed out some sections and will be back again today to finish the job off.

What did run through my mind was whether all 4 floors were devoted to selling liquor or if this was where the customers slept. If so then this would seem like a perfect corporate strategy of linking the sales product to a complimantary service afterwards.

This forth image shows the awesome views from the top of the Empire State Building. The cost is about $12 to go up and is well worth it, even if it means waiting an hour in the queue.

In winter it sure gets freezin' up there but the rewards are plentiful as you feel like an eagle, listening to the sounds going on below. From the noise of police sirens, car horns and just general hussle and bustle of city life.

Be sure to do the Skyride as part of your ticket, we thought it was absolutely ace!

The fourth photograph is looking up Manhattan towards Central Park, with the Upper East Side on the left and the Upper West Side on the right.

But don't get a parking ticket as these can be rather expensive. Below are a few of the activities and sights you really must do and see whilst visiting this great city.

The top ten things to do include:

  1. Be a tourist and go up the Empire State Building - but don't miss the Skyride film and hold onto yer hats
  2. Find a nice deli - and enjoy a bagel or wrap with a hot drink

  3. Wake up at 5am local time - 10am for the UK and start touring on a bright day, you will miss all the crowds
  4. Go over the Brooklyn Bridge - run, drive, walk, cycle or skate, but don't do a right on one of the W to E roads all around 30th - 50th street cause the cops are waiting round that corner

  5. Visit Times Square - looking up at the advertising hoardings and at night seeing how bright the area is
  6. Buy a subway metro card - then speed along under the city with other straphangers, but at night stay within the yellow lined area
  7. After a hectic days sightseeing take a rest - pass through the large hanger to hop onto the Staten Island ferry sailing past the statue of Liberty
  8. Apparently shopping should appear on this list - 2 hours max is suggested for the blokes and 2 days for the women, but choose between Fifth Avenue or malls in Queens for cheaper stores
  9. Step into Central Park - a rather massive public space stretching 30 blocks and with a few roads passing through it
  10. And finally - keep your eyes and ears open because NY has a whole lotta tings appenin evry minit of evry day. The architecture is as varied as the neighbourhoods as the variety of people

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New York, the city that never sleeps

Checked March 2006