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A finance professional with expertise in systems installation, financial reporting and business planning. Early 40s and living near Glasgow, Scotland.

what a choice you have...!

Enjoys music including Chill radio station on the DAB or Kiss 100, not to mention mp3's but most definately not i-Pods. A tri-pod I always thought was for putting your camera on and using the B setting!! Or does that show my age?

Born in London, lived in Paddington and misspent the odd weekend hour on the fruit machines in the station or Star Street chip shop. Fortunately you wouldn't know looking at me now.

No beer belly on me boyeee.

Studying was at Dundee University to get the required certificate, understand the intricacies of the Capital Asset Pricing Model and more importantly to have the ability to buy fresh flowers!

The only difference is now I misspend the odd weekend hour snowfalling and instead of gambling on three cherries and a bonus (remember the old fruit machines) I try my luck on the odd pool table or darts but using an underhanded throw!!.

I said to my web page designer DO NOT publish that photo where I have no shirt - and what do they do. This time it was not cold and the photograph was taken in the summer of 1999, at a place called Death Valley, California, from where we managed to get out alive and tell the tale.

With dirt and grit underfoot, the sun beating down upon the back of my neck, we managed to work my way to the top of this hill for the photo session. Behind me was a place called Badwater which is actually 282 feet below sea level.

Not that being above sea level helped Boscastle and Carlisle (England) in their floods a number of years ago.

It was then a long and ardous trek back across miles and miles of harsh terratory. Each sand dune would be like the last and there were no points of reference on the horizon. To stop would be fatal in the scorching heat. If one didn't die of heat exhaustion or dehydration then the killer scorpions would finish off any human who stopped for rest.

We summoned up all available strength and eventually made it back for nightfall to the Pine View Motel where HBO was showing the Jerry Springer Show.

A Miami State Trooper car below pulled me over one night with blazing red and blues and a then switched the car's spotlight on us. My crime was having done a U turn in a street. He says "hey buddy, I saw u do a turn back there across four lanes". I didn't want to argue that the highway was deserted and there were no forbidding signs. This reminds of one Christmas driving home late at night along London's Bayswater Road and being followed towards Kensington High Street by a police car. My speed about 30 mph whilst taxis etc whizzed passed at 40+. I must remember keep up with the taxis as I was told I was driving slower than the other traffic.

MP stopping GH

caught on CCTV stealing two go-carts, minutes later driver 2 careers into driver 1 who narrowly escapes death

Here I am (right) in a twin turbo charged go-carts capable of 60mph so said the leaflets! However in the course of their racing the suspect driving car number 2 (left) and wearing darker clothes deliberately smashed side-on into the driver of car 1 (me) careering him off the circuit in a major RTA and tyre screeching incident.

The road was closed and driver 1 had a miracle escape against death with just bruising to the ribs, leg and ego. In the time honoured tradition of honour amongst theives he was secretly impressed by how efficiently and ruthelessly he was smashed into whilst turning into a right handed corner. He wished he had forseen this and moved out of the way leaving an inevitably furious and embarrassed partner in crime to eat dust.

"That was crash!"

And he felt it.
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