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Architecture, the Country House and Interests

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On this page we play a ten second clip of a famous quotation. Wait approximately 20 secs for it to load.

Meanwhile enjoy the crazy building below (and I don't mean "me hause") and see if you agree with me about the two male suspects, one leaning by the lamppost and the other looking into the parked vehicle.

Interests and obsessions are wide and varied ranging from, but not limited to; sports to rally driving; travel to documentaries; good food to music; finance to gadgets; architecture to halogen lights and countryside to design.

One of these photographs is the principal private residence, as defined in tax law, of where I live. Three guesses which one is mine, the other must be my alter ego's doss house somewhere in deepest, darkest, meanest, smokiest, downtown Detroit.

Detroit is something else. You might think the picture was shot from some film set but no, this is the real Detroit as omitted from all the guide books. Maybe I should write my own (unique insights) travel books. Just wait till I start on Morocco, if you think I show up this city you aint seen nothing yet! On the Travel pages a brief example of the GH writing style is given, concentrating on the obscure matters like the parking Valets strict pecking order when a Ferrari needs to be parked. Not that I often drive Ferraris but these little details do count.

House building

However back in the UK notice how nice and dry it is for a change, but when it rains it does perhaps save on washing the dog and taking the car for a walk (as the man like AJ would say). At least the car doesn't shake afterwards and end up putting half the bathwater onto the floor and walls.

This is the house built in 2006 whilst I sat patiently waiting. It has my essential recessed halogen lights in the kitchen, obviously an en-suite although estate agents would say it has 3 because of the Jack n Jill arrangement, plus there are no houses to the rear.

The interior colours and tiling are modern as I didn't get involved. My speciality was to get hidden wiring within the walls just leaving me to connect speakers for that true cinema sound effect. And to help with that house warming party! The alarm system is connected to the local police station and the only compromising feature is the fact the garden is small.

Orange Nokia nk702

Can you remember the film There's Something About Mary and the very strange music in it. In that year my latest obsession was this very cute Nokia telephone.

Because it is the size of a chocolate bar I was very tempted to eat one and came pretty close one night after staggering home from the pub.

I referred to architecture previously and just to prove I have an open mind and a sense of humour I think this building is wonderful.

This building was found in Los Angeles in 1998 and totally blew me back by the craziness of chairs and unusual furniture hanging off that wall. It puts a whole new perspective on utilising space.

I don't think however I would park my motor outside, it would either be spray painted, and I am not talking touch up paint, stolen by that man leaning on the lamppost or one of those pedestrians - note the IC3 on the left looking into the car, or that [bed] [chair] [sitee] would drop.

Remind me when next in LA to find out what street this is in. So that I can see if the things have fallen off the wall yet.....

......or been nicked.

......well I have since been back in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and they were not there so I can only presume nicked.

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