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To continue with the photography theme, this was taken in the Isle of Skye looking over to the Cullen Hills with the sun setting against the background.
Lightening stirkes.......
Sunset over the Cullens, Skye.

This is the sun descending, never ending, into the night, we drift towards each other, the stars protecting and lighting the way, to lead us into another day.

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Poetic or what?

This little animal which currently looks so angelic caused me much grief one day.

Welcome then to the late Scampi(e) the wonderdog. She was a long distance traveller and back seat road rage driver popping her head up with frustration as soon as we have to slow down on the motorway due to traffic or whatever.

A great guard dog who beat the doorbell by an average of 3 seconds each time, except when she's eating of course and then the house could fall down around her without so much as lifting her head out of the bowl.

One year whilst opening a tin of a là carte Pedigree Chum with a lethal tin opener, dog barks, me in shock, tin flies up in air, slices thumb on way down, blood everywhere, dog demands dinner NOW.......dilemma........hospital first then dog's dinner or other way round.

Scampi(e) got priority and on my return with thumb stiched up, the lethal tin opener was immediately binned. A pity the same couldn't be done with the dog?

We had all the talk about BSE and mad cows disease in the late 1990's so from now on I play safe and collect dinner organically, fresh from the fields.

Mint sauce is however more difficult and has to be bought from Tesco. I dread to ask where the locals get their chocolate rasins from when baking home made biscuits!? Think I'll stick to plain chocolate McVities.

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