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Daftly renamed as some EE brand. From here you can check UK coverage, get product details, mins balance, place yer orders and find out the latest news.
The useful pages from the BBC which include news, weather and items on radio and television.
Forget Forget Marlyn Munroe, forget Anna from Big is ex-cute girlfriend The babe selection. Phew, it would be a hard choice between that ex-presenter of Tomorrow's World, Meg Ryan and one of my own ex's.

I once tried working on Miss C's map reading abilities, what a stressful time that was for me, so much so that I needed to purchase satellite navigation as there was no space on the passenger seat for the plethoria of maps etc.

Oh how my life turned round and went the correct way , however, I kept saying I needed to take the 3rd right at the roundabout of love.
Should you need a holiday after all that time surfing then I can recommend this site. You are able to enter an airport of departure and a range of dates and request flight only or flight with accommodation for many airlines.

what a smelly taxiiiiii .........make sure if you know the local definition for a taxi service and take loads of duty free.

Expedia is also a good site for making bookings.

As is Travelocity.

Or the odd sounding Opodo.
A boring one except for the financial folk among us. There is also a site at I use to keep real time updated of any movement, by phone mail, within a diminishing share portfolio.

Traffic on a Friday evening at 5pm. Glad I'm not in London (one time!).

You can go from an overview of Britain to zooming onto a town.! TrafficMaster is a device for vehicles to warn of delays and hold-ups on the motorway network plus a few main A roads. Some Vauxhall, Peugeot, Rover (until they went bust in 2005) etc cars have this facility built in or you can buy the small gadgets or software.

Slowly this is being taken up by the public along with GPS devices. What this means to the motorist is that TrafficMaster (go fasta....) will warn of delays ahead and depending on the severity will suggest a route around the problem.

A red arrow indicates stop and start or stationary traffic in that direction. It may also mean the road is closed. Brown and orange represent some significant delay and yellow represents a minor delay.

My version allows me to see traffic cameras and therefore have a visual piece of information. You can click on this image to make it larger.
This site provides a useful mechanism to allow you to have e-mails sent to your Hotmail address and therefore access them from any computer in any country.

Captures camera images
See live and recently taken pictures and photographs. Choose from Britain and abroad. I am very impressed by the Glasgow Airport live views and of the M8 motorway in Glasgow city centre.
This excellent satnav database of speed cameras is widely regarded as the most trusted and best available in terms of both volume and accuracy. It is also fairly inexpensive with over 13,000 cameras including static, mobile, average, traffic light and finally headache inducing cameras.
And last but not least, trailing at the end where all the mechanics of the world belong, is the web garage where you can get feedback on any internet page in terms of speed, accuracy, completeness etc etc. Tune it up and turn it on. Then move the seat back to how you like it.

And some more favourites, in depth!. . . . Detailed list.

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Hope these were useful.

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