Monthly debate (July 2010)

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I know this debate might be uninteresting, it might even sound like a funeral for 1-2-1, but once we get into the groove, on the one and twos, live and direct from the net, we play Boring by the Pet Shop Boys. Take it away.....

Orange is superior and more advanced, being able to receive breaking news in addition to normal bulletins, weather information (and boy has it been wet (one time)), UK lottery (scandal) numbers, FTSE closing value and the more recently working on GPS (satellite positioning).

Drowning O2 (have you seen the bubbles in all their literature) had first for families and first for friends etc etc which means you always have to keep up to date with people changing their phone numbers rather than getting the price reductions all the time.

VoodoPhoney are OK ish and Cup o' Tea Mobile coverage is so poor it is not in the races. Reasonable however if you live in a city and don't move out to the remote countryside often then Tetly T-Mobile may be the best.

However watch out with call charges when overseas. For example Cup of T mobile charges the price of 2 international calls merely if someone leaves you a message whilst aboard. To then listen to that message incurs a third international call charge. What a con! And nowhere do they publicise that little fact. Likewise be warned about prices for data and using the phone's internet facility which will weigh your pockets down with more weight than the plane you took to get abroad!

To the rescue, in terms of call prices/allowances and data costs, is the Three(zing) network. Who else charges only 2.50 for a reasonable amount of date usage. And will give 5 hours conversation for 16, per month.

Somebody's on da phone.....

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The future's BRIGHT, the future's ORANGE

5 July 2010